Wednesday, September 5, 2007

Notes from the Monarch Butterfly Garden

Notes from the Monarch Butterfly Garden

Between the heat, the dearth of rain, incredible choking weeds and not enough time we’ve lost a number of plants, And, I must confess, our dog did dig up a few plants while trying to get at a rabbit who’s burrow was in the middle of a clump of milkweed.

However, the survivors are doing their best. The monarchs are ecstatic over the milkweed. We counted at least 10 on Sunday past. Others joined them; yellow and a monarch look alike. I think we need to get a butterfly chart to put up near the garden to help us study lepidopterology (the study of butterflies, moths etc.)

Kristy from the neighborhood has some community service to do for school so she has helped me the last 2 Sunday mornings, she’s a big help. She got everyone watered well. Also, much thanks goes to Kathy Blakely of the Tony Aguirre Community Center who helps see to the watering among all her other responsibilities.

Kristy thinks we should have some sort of decorative tower or trellis in our garden for architectural interest – maybe plant some morning glories or moonflowers – what do you think?

We’re still looking for a master gardener or landscape designer to help us pull the garden together aesthetically. We’ve started our list of plants to buy or request donations for next year. You can help us stretch our dollars and consider making a donation of seeds from your garden; we’d love coneflowers, Queen Anne’s lace, black-eyed Susans, and zinnias.
We want to designate the garden as a special place and are looking for donations to help build a small fence around it. We did get some wood donations from Gueier Fence of Blue Springs but it’s more misses than hits getting recycled fencing or lumber. So now we’re trying to find the money or materials to finish constructing and erect it.


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