Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Yes, There Will Be Frogs

June 28, 2008

A Westside Rain Garden Story

Yes, There Will Be Frogs

Westside Neighbor Patrick D. was hard at work on a perfect June day. The garden was dug, the rocks were laid, the plants were planted. He was standing there admiring thehandiwork of all the volunteers, enjoying a vision turned reality. He stood there contemplating all that was to come.

Patrick, sensing that someone was watching him turned to see a young lad watching, the boy’s gaze alternated between him and this muddy, rock laden wallow strewn with spindly green spikes.

He didn’t see what Patrick saw, a rain and butterfly garden teeming with critters –hoppers and crawlers and creepers and flyers, 2 legs, 100 legs, no legs, wings and shells. Patrick saw an outdoor learning center with kids learning to have the same kind of passion he had about all the astounding things of nature.

The young boy finally mustered the courage to ask the strange man, "What are you making?" It was the youth’s undoing he was trapped. Patrick lights up like a Christmas tree at the opportunity to teach and share and opening young minds. Patrick launched into an animated lecture about natural habitats, ecco-systems, conservation, responsibility of caring for the earth, its’ creatures, our role in the universe and more. Patrick stopped for air. The young man finally broke the silence by asking Patrick, "All I want to know is, are we going to have frogs?"

Patrick asked him if he liked frogs, the boy nodded. Patrick admitted that he too liked frogs. The two of them stood side by side staring into the rain garden seeing the garden as it was going to be, a rain garden haven filled with frogs.

To learn more about frogs andtoads native to Missouri go tothe State of Missouri/Dept. ofConservation’s web page.