Friday, August 8, 2008

My Memoirs by Frances Moreno

Graham's Drugstore

I don't know how old I was when my mother and I would walk to Graham's Drugstore on 17th & Summit. When you went into the drugstore the first thing you would see would be the soda fountain booth. It had to be Mr. Graham's wife working behind the counter because we would buy an ice cream cone. He had his pharmacy in the back where customers would have their prescriptions filled.

Mr. Graham had another Drugstore down the street on West 17th. I remember going their once, for what, I don't remember. I often wondered why he had two almost on the same block.

Dr. Whim

What about Dr. Whim. He was a doctor of Osteopath who treated the whole westside. He dispensed his own medicine. They were little white pills for whatever ailed you. He would also give you an adjustment for whatever ailed you also. But you know, whatever he did he cured you. His office was down the street from Graham's Drugstore. He later moved to Linwood where he still gave his adjustments and dispensed his little white pills.


Zenaida is George Morales' mother. She had a store on West 24th Street. She sold masa for tamales and made corn tortillas. Every time I went in there I could hear Zenaida laughing. She had a very hearty laugh that could be heard down the block. During Christmas her store would be very crowded with a lot of mexican music going on. She was a lot of fun and would make my mother laugh.

Johnnie's Market

Johnnie's Market was on 24th Street. When I was a child I remember my mother sending me to the store with a list of things she wanted me to buy -- and she always put it on her bill. I would skip down the middle of the aisle towards the back where the meat department was. Johnny was the butcher, and he would ask me what I wanted and I would say, "my mother wants to know if you have any brains?" Of course, I didn't realize what I was saying until many years later.