Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Twas the night before Christmas (50 years ago)

Twas the night before Christmas (50 years ago) by Lisa Valerio

A Mexican family of 7 children was anxiously waiting the arrival of the big guy…Santa of course! We were expected at our “Mama Grande” house on Jarboe with all the trimmings! Which included: Tamales, Bunuelos , hot coco and more! So as my mom wrapped us up like “burritos” from the cold winter weather…we walked to my grand-Mothers house on Jarboe Street.

After the dinner was over we gathered around her beautiful decorated Christmas tree, surrounded by all our cousins, tias, tios and whoever else that were invited.

As the designated “Santa” was passing out the gifts to all the little ones, and there was a bunch of us. He would personalize each one by saying the name and how good they were during the year. Anyway to make a long story short. Everyone was getting a lot of gifts except for my brothers and sisters and me! We felt that we were very bad for not getting any gifts…from Santa! So could you imagine the sad faces that we had on our faces. Anyway we left the party feeling so sad and my dad said that maybe now we will be better kids for next year we will get presents from Santa.

So our trip home was dragging our feet thru the snow and dragging our heads very low. As we approach the porch of our house on Belleview. We saw that the lights we left on! We noticed that the tree was lite and there were presents all around the tree! There was a choo-choo-train going around the tree, and a big doll holding a smaller doll in her arms! There were cars for my brothers and gifts for everyone!

It was as though Santa made a special trip just to our house!

My dad told us that he had forgotten to tell Santa that we were at my Grandmother’s house so he didn’t leave us any gifts at her house!

That by farthest was my best Christmas ever!


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