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The Back To School Pep Rally – A Celebration of Learning

We want to send our kids back to school with a positive attitude.  We want them to know that their education is an important neighborhood agenda item.  Our older children have an extraordinarily high drop out rate.  It is our intent to send them back to school with some new school supplies and an experience to encourage them to have an open, receptive outlook to returning to school.

All volunteers are encouraged to speak to the children and offer upbeat and cheering words, such as “I know you’re going to be the best student you can be” or “I know you’re going to have a great school year.”  Too often parents pass on their own negative attitudes about school or education due to their own unsuccessful or unpleasant school experiences.  We want to plant another view in the child’s minds.

Our Back To School Pep Rally – A Celebration of Learning has grown from providing a couple of hundred school supply sampler bags to distributing almost 1000 bags in 2008 and our goal for 2010 was to distribute 700 bags.

The Annual Back To School Pep Rally will be held on Thursday, July 25h, 2019.

School supply sampler bags are provided for children K-12 who have pre-registered and who meet the following criteria:

a) Student must live within the boundaries of the Westside (North: 12th Street, South: 31st Street; East: Broadway, West: State Line Road), must provide proof of address. (Current utility bill, lease, etc.)

b) Student must attend school on the Westside: Douglas Head Start; Primitivo Garcia Elementary; Our Lady of Guadalupe; Alta Vista Charter School or Cristo Rey School.  (This will be verified.)

We are looking for additional corporate sponsors to host a school supply drive.  We also accept cash donations to purchase items to cover any shortfall of supply donations.  We also seek donations of hot dogs, buns, condiments, watermelons and chips.  We will be happy to answer your questions.


Past Goals:

2019 - 271 backpacks give away, 22 agencies participated in the "learning fair" 41 volunteers with planning, setting up, clean up for a total of 164 hrs of volunteer time.



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