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KCP&L 2nd Substation on the Westside


KCP&L hosted 2 meetings one in September 2008 and the other in December 2008 which were, unfortunately, very poorly attended.  They presented us with the fact that they intended to build this block long structure with 125 foot towers in the neighborhood.

A number of neighbors decided that this was wrong for the Westside.  They have done a lot of research on the environmental issues faced by the Westside and what adding this means to our future development - residentially and commercially.  Our reasons for opposing this not only for development reasons, it's environmental justice and how all the environmental risks, pollutants etc. that are in our neighborhood affect our health and quality of life.

We have put together 2 separate Power Point presentations. One of the presentations, developed by a friend who is an environmental engineer, is more detailed and is broken out into 6 components as follows:

1. What is a substation?

2. What are Stressors?

3. What about toxics and children’s health?

4. Cumulative Stress

5. Is This A Case of Environmental Injustice?

6. Is a substation a good real estate investment?

The 2nd presentation is shorter and a down and dirty, less detailed version of the above and is something I put together. It’s entitled:

7. Westside Environmental Justice

If you cannot view this or need another format contact Ezekiel Amador at zekeamador@aol.com

We hope these presentations will be somewhat helpful in explaining these very complex environmental and environmental justice issues affecting us each and every day of our lives.  We hope that you will make the time to view.


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