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Westside Family Camp-out

Observation Park

Join neighborhood friends and family at the Westside Family Camp-out in Observation Park

Saturday, September

Sunday, September

4-5 PM

Set up tents and camp

7:00 AM

Pancakes Breakfast

5 PM

Eat Supper– hot dogs

8:30 AM

Pack up /Cleanup

5:30 PM

Crafts, and games



6:00 PM

Shaving 101, Tie 101



6:30 PM

Crafts, and games



7:00 PM

Build Fire



8:00 PM

Story Telling



8’ish PM

Police Helicopter



9:00 PM

Marshmallow S'mores, hot chocolate



9:30 PM

Visit with the Officers Police Car



11:00 PM

Sing-a-long, Games w/ Flashlights



11:30 PM

Lights Out –



Get to the park about 4 pm

- Bring your tent and sleeping bags

- If you don’t have sleeping bags bring blankets and sheets and we’ll show you how

- We’re supplying the hot dogs, chips etc.  Feel free to bring fruit, salad etc.

- Bring a story to tell around the fire

- Make ice cream in a baggie

- Roasting marshmallows


Westside Family Campout sponsored by the Westside Youth Coalition – Westside CAN Center, Ruiz Branch Library, Mattie Rhodes Center, Family Focus Center, CampFire USA,  KCMO Parks & Recreation. For questions contact Lynda Callon at the Westside AN Center 816.842.1298 or westcan@crn.org . Visit our website at: www.westsidecan.org

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