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Neighborhood Preservation:

The Westside CAN Center has taken on some responsibility for the physical environment of our neighborhood.  These activities include:

1. Facilitating and/or organizing neighborhood clean ups

2. Maintenance of two (2) community gardens
   a) 28th & Jarboe - July Park
   b) Cactus garden at Southwest Blvd. and Belleview

3. Maintenance of several right-of-ways and vacant lots

4. Assist neighbors with the proper removal of yard debris by collecting and taking it to the City’s Recycling Center or to Missouri Organic (a pay facility) (The City picks up yard waste 3x a year. They do not pick up weeds, vines or grass clippings - nor can you take these items to the City’s recycling center. These items will be ‘dumped” in the neighborhood or we can take them to Missouri Organic.

5. Monthly tire pick up and disposal through the City of Kansas City’s tire program (we pick up an estimated 40-100 tires per month).

Needs: yard tools (rakes, spades, shovels, hoes), weed eaters, lawn mower, roller covers, paint brushes, trash bags, work gloves, plants, bulbs, flower seeds, 2 fir trees, lawn & leaf bags, cold weather cactus plants, bushes, trees.

6. Through the Kansas City, MO Public Works/PIAC process the WCAN Center has applied for infrastructure and park improvements for the last 10 years.  We have successfully received funding for:
  a) The rehabilitation or reconstruction of our 80% of our alleyways
  b) Construction of new catch basins to ease flooding and ponding
  c) New playground equipment at Observation Park
  d) Development of a Master Plan for Observation Park
  e) Rehabilitation of the north 40’ retaining wall and double staircase at Observation Park (a Kessler designed park.)
  f) Funding for feasibility study to connect the western most parking lot of the Aguirre Center to Observation Park via a ‘nature trail’ and Monarch Butterfly Way Station
  g) Construction of a sprayground at Douglas Park 2600 block of Jarboe.

Cash donations are needed to:

  • Help offset fees at Missouri Organic ($15.00 per pick up load) for neighborhood residents on fixed or very low income
  • Purchase graffiti abatement chemicals $300.00 per 5 gallon buckets
  • Pay for dumpsters for neighborhood clean ups ($50.00 per dumpster) through the City’s clean up program
  • Maintenance and repair of equipment - lawn mover, Billy Goat, brush hog, powerwasher, etc.
  • Funding to construct a shade structure or pergola for Douglas Park Sprayground


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